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Leader Board has been made by me 

#1 Bucky


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Our new Discord server is located at :

The game servers have failed, is this an intentional disconnect or not?

The new invite link in Discord is

Here we could make tournaments , upload game videos ,etc

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If you want a real discord for this game join here:
Basically, the developers made the discord only for Soldat and here I made it for Commano's fans!
welcome to join and we could arrange teams and make fun. I am Superman/flyer in the game

the invite expired

sorry for the delay

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gud game

press c to drop your weapon then hover your mouse over a droped gun to get the gun if you kill a enemy but do it fast

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The bots are getting better at the game I have evidence to prove it  this one time the bots were working together to complete their assigned goals jerry savage is titled the bravest Joe tanto is titled Ninja cause he is 3rd in skill



I notice at least there is one guy who has pro bots! I do not know if he is hacking or if it is a setting that bots play so pro

yo y'all know the jetpack button

right click

any way to download it?

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A person who has 50/0-12 k/d is a Ninja the highest rank 

A person who is lower is a  grandmaster

A person who is bad is a Master 

Ninjas of the years                            Title

Neli's highest is 167.897 kills    Ninja

Gabe walker highest is 157.975  Ninja

Where does it show k/d ratio in this game?

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Gabe walker is 1st  on leader board 

Skill Title: Ninja

Neli is ranked number one in skill and is 2nd on the leaderboard 

Skill title: Ninja

Note: a Ninja is someone who has a decent k/d ratio in every game And has high skill


awesome game, pls nerf the machinegun and make sniper have maybe further range or a scope to make u see further

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i beat up joe viterbo

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Watch Game Trailer Little story before playing,Also check out the commando 2d Offical channel. Skill ranking is on channel along with info


This game is pretty fun



I like this game update more pls


This is a nice game

Show post...

more maps please but overall good game


you should add an rpg that has 1 bullet but does big damage and slow reload


more weapons pls


love it


reaally good game it is fun to play and is  satisfying when you h=get a few kills really fast, what is everyones favourite weapon? mine is the BETWEEN THE MINIGUN AND THE SNIPER. WHAT IS YOURS?



theres a shotgun? 


its one down from the default

I see


mine is the grenade launcher

sorry, M97


this game really gets me



cool game, only problem is i cant connect on school wifi :(

This game is Awesome.

whens the next update?

this game is so broken it's fun

hackers are a thing in here for some reason, theres people who shoot me from above when they are below me and they phase through walls...

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commando is epic look at this epic gameplay pog

wrong game lol


it was a joke if u didnt know lol


yeah i noticed. if i hadn't i wouldn't have added the lol



no that was too violent for me. when I played it I swore I would never play it again


this game is so funny, although nobody talks which is sad. :)

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