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This game is pretty fun



I like this game update more pls


This is a nice game

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more maps please but overall good game


you should add an rpg that has 1 bullet but does big damage and slow reload


more weapons pls


love it


reaally good game it is fun to play and is  satisfying when you h=get a few kills really fast, what is everyones favourite weapon? mine is the BETWEEN THE MINIGUN AND THE SNIPER. WHAT IS YOURS?



theres a shotgun? 


its one down from the default

I see

mine is the grenade launcher

sorry, M97


this game really gets me



cool game, only problem is i cant connect on school wifi :(

This game is Awesome.

whens the next update?

this game is so broken it's fun

hackers are a thing in here for some reason, theres people who shoot me from above when they are below me and they phase through walls...

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commando is epic look at this epic gameplay pog

wrong game lol


it was a joke if u didnt know lol


yeah i noticed. if i hadn't i wouldn't have added the lol



no that was too violent for me. when I played it I swore I would never play it again


this game is so funny, although nobody talks which is sad. :)

Deleted post

just made an account to say that   



Hey! I'm really glad my friend Lean told me about soldat around a year ago glad to see it getting a sequel! I already have it on my wish list on steam! :) i've seen the trailer for soldat 2 and my god it looks amazing, not sure how you did that by yourself. it's really impressive! Also, if you have time to answer this question please do: were the models in soldat 2 originally non-segmented (like n64/PS1 models) and were changed to look that way so people would recognize that this is soldat? or like a nod to the original? anyways keep up the great work and I'm really hyped for soldat 2 and any future projects you have planned! :) -Loafy


The models were segmented. If you look closely you can remove the clip and they are animated. That's why.

how do i rocket jump like the bots do

its right click

prety amazing thencks for your work

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Thx :) Commando is continued as Soldat 2, it premieres soon (22 September) check it out:


My favourite game next to Karlson and Soul knight

But not actually online :(

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Thank you :) Commando is continued as Soldat 2, check it out:
You can also sign-up for the multiplayer testing:




Thx :)


I hope Soldat 2 sells well! :D

Thx :) Release soon! You can now sign-up for the multiplayer testing:

how come i can't connect to the server?

I have tried with downloaded version (through app), or online version

It's because Commando is continued as Soldat 2:

You can sign-up for the multiplayer testing:

Enjoy ;)

please go watch my video and subscribe to my channel.
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How do I play against real people and not bots?

Commando is continued as Soldat 2:

You can sign-up for the multiplayer testing and play against real people ;)

Release soon!

REALLY FUN GAME! i was bored so downloaded this and it srealllly fun

reminds me of Strike Force Heroes

really wish they kept making that, aye

Authentication keeps failing so I can't play the game at all :(

please go watch my video and subscribe to my channel.

WOW! Great Game, Although You Should Make It A  Downloadable Game So I Could Play Right Off Of My Desktop! 


Very nice game ı had fun with my friends but you should add knife and fix the dead animations because there are some bugs at thoose :D

YEAH! Those Knifes Would Be SO Useful!!!! shing shing shing shing!

Really fun game, I look forward to future versions

Brilliant game but needs more maps

True True True


it takes a longer time but still epic


how engine uses for create?



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