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very  very good i loved i m playing for 2 hours....kkk


this game is realy good

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Glad I saw this comment, definitly gonna consider getting soldat.

this dude made soldat you buffoon

It literally says, "Soldat meets Battlefield". It has been influenced but this is not a copy and paste game, unlike the entire series of Assassins Creed.

i dont really play side view shooters i prefer games like cod or titanfall 1 or 2 minecraft on a good day but this is a fantastic game that i play instead of doing school work,.... best side shooter ive ever played maybe give the sniper a bigger mag and the shotgun a faster pump also it would be awsome to have multiple game modes.

Holy shit man this is one of the funnest games I have ever played! You should add more scenes like a beach area with different type of generation per "map". I found an issue where sometimes I spawn without a primary gun even when I selected one. Also, sometimes it's possible to jetboost into a certain angle and it will send you so fast through the air. If nothing is there to stop you, you could end up at the very end of the map. Overall (8.5/10)

please buff the grenade luncher again it's insanly bad :(

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very good best browser game i've seen keep it up. but the game is getting harder and badly please make good updates :(


Really fun game, surprised this works in a browser so well.


WoW, cool game, reminds me soldat.

Hell yeah it does! This beats the web-based soldat remake a buddy and I were making. Hard!

I had fun playing this game, good job

I see it was updated recently


awesome. really fun


Very fun and engaging!

im just stuck here

Hey, What browser? If Chrome can you press Shift+Ctrl+J and tell me if there are any red error messages?

please MM buff the grenade launcher again it's suprisly weak and shotguns are too OP

It fixed itself, but the game is prone to crashing, thats what was goin on

wont load for me, stuck on loading screen. pls fix

Wonderful game, nice graphics!

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I love it... good job

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