Above player chats, new DM map, spawn fixes and more... SOLDAT 2 UPDATE 0.7.7 - 0.7.9

SOLDAT 2 UPDATE 0.7.7 - 0.79

Due to popular demand I made the chat messages show up above the player just like in the old Soldat.

Made an entirely new dm_katang (replaces the old one). This one should allow for some neat flow based movements.

Also various fixes including spawning into spectator and added a better effect for flag capture!


+ added new dm_katang
+ added above player chat texts
+ added self-explosion stuns (larger boosting velocity)
+ fixed respawn to spectator
+ better flag score effect
+ ctf/ctb matches time increased 8->10 mins
+ fixed not able to shoot after nade explodes in hands
+ spawn armor removes after player moves or shoots
+ added HUD notifier texts to console
+ fixed map editor crash on load map
+ fixed everyone in blue if autobalance off
+ [server] fixed incremental patches not working

Enjoy :)
And remember to have fun!

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