Soldat 2 nominated to Pixel Heaven 2020 Awards

It's so cool that Soldat 2 is nominated for Pixel Heaven 2020 Awards Europe. In two categories:

Best Gameplay
Retro Roots

The winners will be announced on December 5. Details soon!

Pixel Heaven 2020 Games Festival is online this year, so 'see' you there😎
Check out their website, lots of info:

This is our favourite gaming event in Poland :) The atmosphere there is so oldshool!

Pixel Heaven 2016 - An old bus depot filled with computers, consoles and all the electronic stuff. Games everywhere!
Kasia 'Kate Flow' Urmanowicz [THD Team, Community Ninja - yes, it's me who's writing this announcement for you:)] playing some retro game.

PH 2016
MM playing Mosh Pit Simulator - a game made by Sos Sosowski (Mikołaj Kamiński).

PH 2017
From right: MM [creator of Soldat], Sos Sosowski [McPixel], Patrick Stepniewski [gameDNA], Krzysztof 'Dalton' Pachulski [Epic Games].

PH 2017
Happy Guys (from right): Michał 'MM' Marcinkowski, Krzysztof 'Wolfgang' Chomicki [Butcher, Phobia Game Studio: Carrion], Sebastian Krośkiewicz [Butcher, Phobia Game Studio: Carrion].

PH 2017
From right: Kate Flow, MM, Wolfgang, Sebastian Krośkiewicz.

PH 2016
Sebastian Krośkiewicz and Krzysztof 'Wolfgang' Chomicki playing the new DOOM.

PH 2016
Kate Flow playing Wolfenstein.

Lots of indie game devs with their cool games to play.
Lectures, knowledge, gaming movies, gaming music....

Guys, you just gotta be there :)
Even if it's online this time - it will be a great gaming event.
And if you're not from Poland, you have an occasion to feel this unique retro vibe with us :)

But when?!? The organizers will tell everything soon!

Stay tuned... and...

Have fun!
THD Team

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