Chainsaw + gore + new masks = Halloween Update!

Also play with the devs now! (check post for details)

The long awaited Soldat CHAINSAW is here!

It might still be a little rough around the edges (:P) so please give me feedback how do you like it? Is there something to improve?

I added 4 new halloween themed masks

 (Different looks based on the new masks)


I improved the gore in general. The soldier bodies should now show blood if they are damaged like in Soldat 1.


☠️ Soldat 2 🎃HALLOWEEN🎃 Play with the Devs ☠️

Last but not least we're gathering on the: Team THD server to play together!

Read all the info (What, where) here:

Changes 0.7.14-0.7.15:
+ added secondary: chainsaw
+ added halloween masks
+ added body damage blood/gore
+ more bloody blood splats
+ fixed 3 weapons change when carrying flag
+ faster and less bright screen flashes
+ added skin detail texture
+ added generic quick join button
+ increased quick join ping to 300
+ [server] added game cycle shuffle
+ [server] fixed first map from cycle doesnt use condition
+ [server] new conditional default cycle with 4 gamemodes

See you on the battlefield :)
Have fun!
MM + THD Team

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