New CTF & DM maps + less bouncy knife + machinegun balance tweaks!



The maps added in the previous patch turned out to serve better as DM maps so they are now called dm_regain and dm_corazon. But I made entirely new CTF maps, check them out!

ctf_strike - I wanted to make something that would be similar in structure to Ash. It turned out somewhat different. Let's see how this plays? Comments are appreciated.

ctf_magpie - A very fluid map design with an unusual flag placement

I spent a lot of time fixing bot pathing and making the bots generally do more stuff like rolling. Overall pathing should be better and faster.

Knife is less bouncy like in Soldat 1 (also nade)

I hope you like the changes. Please remember everything is temporary and if something doesn't work I'll switch back to how it was or improve again.

So please tell me how do you like the new changes? :)

0.7.12- 0.7.14
+ added maps ctf_strike, ctf_magpie
+ replaced ctf maps with dm version: dm_corazon, dm_regain
+ removed knife bouncing
+ nades less bouncy
+ rheinmetall, tec-9, kalash and minigun tweaks (iMPUcz/Numerite suggestions)
+ fixed cobra and generic lower terrain view obstructed
+ smoother camera zoom in/outs
+ less zoom out on spectator
+ lowered laos texture quality
+ fixed medkits on top of map
+ fixed potential respawn issue
+ fixed bots issues with getting stuck
+ fixed bots not using jets where appropriate
+ fixed some dumb bot pathing
+ fixed bots not crouching in low areas
+ bots now roll around
+ faster waypoint generation on map load
+ more optimized waypoint generation
+ fixed kill leaderboards issue

What should I work on next?

Have fun!

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