3 new maps + improved grenade physics!


Hi guys!

I'm happy to show you the fruit of my latests work: 2 new CTF maps and a new CTB map.

ctf_regain - a very small map ideal for 3v3

ctb_gen_generic - a new generated CTB map based on a placeholder scene (will be improved)

ctf_corazon - another 3v3 map

How do you like those maps?

Also, the grenade has a greater gravity pull and more dynamic arc - it's a lot more like Soldat 1 but a bit faster with more dynamism. This change should make it even more fun.

Important addition for server owners: WebRcon!
Please check changelog.txt for details.

0.7.9 - 0.7.12
+ added maps ctf_regain, ctf_corazon, ctb_gen_generic
+ nade - more speed and more arc (s1-like)
+ knife a bit more speed
+ explosion stun only if damage > 0.5
+ fixed bots not shooting barrett
+ zoom in on death
+ added generic map scene (as placeholder)
+ ctf_division and dm_jumpkick use generic level
+ improved basecamp ceiling collider for bots
+ weekly top changed to all-time
+ added url for join (s2://[ip]:[port])
+ [server] added commands: setteam, listplayers
+ [server] added webrcon support (http://www.webrcon.com)
+ [editor] fixed objects with non zero wont snap to 0

How do you like these changes? :)

Have fun!

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