DEMO UPDATE 0.5.40a: Movement improvements, level redesigns, 21:9 support and more!

New demo patch is out fixing some important issues. Meanwhile multiplayer and Capture The Flag is coming! 
Stay tuned!

Environment backgrounds and skies have been improved for visibility and aesthetics:

Backflips, rolls, jets, and explosion forces have been remodelled based on S1:

Ragdolls can now fall into the foreground:


Changelog 0.5.38-0.5.40:
+ s1-like backflip and rolls
+ s1-like jets
+ s1-like crouch speed
+ s1-like explosion forces
+ minimized stun time
+ superman button works as toggle or hold
+ superman can go thru platforms
+ disabled enemy collisions by default
+ a bit faster m79 bullet
+ wider more visible bullets
+ added aspect ratios support including 21:9
+ disabled dynamic zoom
+ new gradient skies
+ Laos and Nevada scenes improved
+ multiple generator additions and fixes
+ added in-game resolution change
+ added in-game input config
+ added sniper line toggle
+ added ragdolls client setting
+ added gif recording to graphic settings
+ removed decals by default
+ camera bounds adjusted
+ added sharpen fullscreen filter
+ bots better air waypoint handling
+ non-ragdolls don’t slide and timeout faster
+ better tutorial key blinking
+ help key is now F11
+ smoother cam transition on bullet time
+ added quit button
+ added spectator tilt variable
+ fixed punch
+ ragdoll can fall into foreground
+ removed game launcher
+ fixed spas available in OMA at start
+ demo ends after 2nd map

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