Demo patch released for the Steam Game Festival!

Demo patch released for the Steam Game Festival!

CTF, 3 New Weapons and More!

It showcases Capture the Flag with a new mapctf_cobra instead of Capture The Bases.

Tons of fixes and improvements. Check it out!

And if you’re ready for multiplayer testing please sign up here

New Steam Game Festival trailer:

Changes 0.5.45-0.6.24:

+ added Capture the flag
+ added ctf_cobra
+ added weapon Barrett
+ added weapon Tec-9
+ added weapon Flak Cannon
+ reworked fogs on all maps
+ improved jump anims
+ gostek help uses proper input
+ added song "Necromancide"
+ core settings damage scale 1.0->0.75 
+ more visible settings fonts and buttons
+ input saved to client.json
+ added patreon contributors list in credits
+ improved roll forces and roll animations
+ makarov slower fire rate
+ nade damage 1.1->0.9
+ revamped gamemode thumbnails
+ added limb stubs and better splats
+ better stun drag and animation
+ custom battle / main menu alignment fixes
+ more speed needed for superman stun
+ less gloss on soldier skin
+ weapons have bigger pickup triggers
+ added weapons collision sound and effects
+ slower weapon change
+ improved air run animations
+ more crunch on gun and explosion sounds
+ fixed spas pellet sound
+ fixed shell sounds
+ larger weapon lights
+ new direction arrow
+ fixed makarov grip
+ fixed aim angle when firing
+ improved prone look up animation
+ smoother stun transitions
+ better colors on rheinmetall
+ bot paths improvements
+ fixed bots teams messed up in custom battle
+ settings can scale weapon light
+ fixed weapon pickups glitch when many weapons
+ impact angles fixed
+ fixed bullets not hitting hitbox



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