SOLDAT 2 UPDATED (PATCHES 0.7.0 - 0.7.2)

I'm working hard on fixing the most game breaking issues like disconnects and other net issues.
It's getting better and better!

After everybody is happy with the fixes I'm gonna implement the most frequent suggestions (from the Discord community suggestions).
(Looks like mouse sensitivity and kill feed but I have to count the votes to be sure).

See you in the game,


[26.09.2020] 0.7.2
+ added OneShot, SniperOnly and KnifeOnly modifier
+ fixed autobalance swithing alive player
+ removed stock music
+ twaeked respawn times
+ fixed some spawning issues
+ knife/nade has more friction
+ knife/grenade throw has a bit of an arc (s1-like)
+ grenade inherited velocity 0.5->1.0 (s1-like)
+ knife inherited velocity 0.5->0.0 (s1-like)
+ lowered volume of stun sound
+ fixed flag cap issues
+ nicer colors on dm_ash
+ ctb_gen_jarhead lowered max height
+ added network settings to client.json
+ fixed some net/lag issues
+ fixed players not assigned for player just joining
+ added Cycles/Custom directory
+ fixed non ascii characters in chat
+ added switch team button
+ fixed config wipe
+ backflip improved (normal jets during roll)
+ inherited velocity config in knife/nade not in gostek

[24.09.2020] 0.7.1
+ net/lag issue tweaks
+ fixed various issues after server disconnection
+ respawn only after weapon menu closed
+ dragunov shots to kill 2->3
+ more force for jump up
+ tweaked jump side angle
+ a bit more jets
+ weapons menu shows up faster after death
+ better weapons menu hide handling
+ fixed possible respawning issues
+ fixed no message when joining max players server
+ connecting popup max time 3s
+ [dedi] added autoshutdownserverafterhours config
+ tweaked rolling animation
+ fixed gostek twitching on bike
+ fixed possible spawning issues
+ games list - default sort by players
+ lowered default main menu music volume
+ less respawn time in ctf with lots of players
+ added facebook social button

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